The engine ECU is controlling boost electronically via the stock boost control system, just like it does for the stock turbo. 0 bids. Peugeot 207 GTI The small French hatchbacks are tons of fun and the new GTis have masses of tuning potential. The engine is in good shape, making a little bit less than 175hp is not something to worry about IF power improves drastically with the remap. The 207 GTI is a few generations later, in a world where everything is now big, heavy and safe. It’s shared with a car that everyone seems to love; the R56 Mini Cooper S. The engine is the Prince 1.6L twin-scroll turbocharged 4 cylinder, jointly developed by BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroen, shoving out about 175hp through a 5-speed manual gearbox (which is slightly odd as the Mini uses a 6-speed manual gearbox). Find Peugeot 207 GTi used cars for sale on Auto Trader, today. Around town its a bit harsh, thumping over all the bumps in our rubbish roads, but on the open road it’s comfortable and effortless to cruise along in. TTTE300 PEUGEOT 207 / CITROEN DS3 UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER Introducing our TTE300 performance turbocharger for the Peugeot 207 & Citroen DS3 1.6 THP 150HP. Something was holding me back, and I’m still not sure what it was. With the largest range of second hand Peugeot 207 cars across the UK, find the right car for you. Peugeot 207 RC 1.6T Lemans – Stage 4 Hybrid. Free postage. An 88kW non-turbo variation of this 1598cc powerplant will also propel mid-range 207 models, while a tuned and tweaked edition producing 128kW forms the centrepiece of the GTI. 1 Feb 2007. The GT is no slouch, promising 0-60mph in eight seconds, 130mph and 40mpg. The GTi will share its 175bhp engine with the Mini Cooper S, but that’s several months away, so we should allow the GT with its 150bhp turbocharged engine some time in the limelight. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add to Cart. Fourteen different variants were available at launch, from three-door, five-door, wagon and coupe-cabrio, plus two hot hatches – a GT and GTi. The seats in the GTI are amazing, easily one of the best seats I have sat in. Different compilation this time, today it's a bunch of frenchie lions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hybrid turbocharger upgrades are an excellent way to keep the engine looking stock, while larger internals in the turbo make it possible to produce from 10% to 20% more horsepower over the stock one. You just can’t build small, lightweight cars like the 205 anymore…. PEUGEOT The 207 GTi THP 175 will write the next chapter in Peugeot’s history of small performance cars, such as the legendary 205 GTi of the 1980s and, more recently, the 206 GTi 180. Nobody knew or cared to find out where the battery went. Over Sized K04 Aluminium Billet Hi-flow Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Height As a car gets older and starts appearing in numbers in the used car market there is a lot more interesting in tuning and aftermarket parts. The RC in the UK is called the 207 GTi THP 175, this model is called the 207 GTi. Not legal for use on this vehicle in California . That quick and low punch does mean it sacrifices top end power, but it’s far from slow anyway. SLK R172 250 CGI BlueEF. Unfortunately being shared with the Mini also means the engine shares the same design flaws and common failures that the Mini has. They are great value for money, especially when compared to the over-priced Cooper S. The styling is a bit Marmite, but it does grow on you. Other than the sloppy shifts, the gearbox is well geared and cruises well open the open road. SLK R172 250 CDI BlueEF. 208 GTI Hybrid Turbo (EP6) Pug1off. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Peugeot 207 GT 1.6 Turbo in 2007, the model with 3-door hatchback body and Line-4 1598 cm3 / 97.5 cui engine size, 110 kW / 150 PS / 148 hp (ECE) of power, 240 Nm / 177 lb-ft of torque, 5-speed manual powertrain for Europe special edition. By THE GOAUTO TEAM. The reconditioned units can be sold on an exchange basis and fall in to band 2, click here for info. Products found matching '207' 1 2 > ... Set of 4 Wossner forged pistons suitable for the 1.6L 16v EP6 Turbo engine found in the Peugeot 207 GT, GTI & RC. Each trim has multiple variations and with this info, you can find the full details about the Peugeot 207 GTi. One of them I came within a hair of purchasing, but it just didn’t happen. My first experience of the 207 was a Diesel powered hire car in France. Ending 4 Jan at 2:11PM GMT 3d 5h. GTi specs. Peugeot 207 RC 1.6T with a K04 hybrid turboand 95RON fuel, running an etuners Stage4 Remap, Your email address will not be published. For Peugeot, Citroen 1.6 HDi, Ford 1.6 TDCi 90HP Turbo/Turbocharger 49173-07508 (Fits: More than 1 vehicle) £103.55. The 207 GTI is a few generations later, in a world where everything is now big, heavy and safe. After selling Alton the Swift, and before i picked up the Roadster i test drove a lot of cars. It would benefit from a little lowering to bring the centre of gravity down, but I suspect that would just make the harness around town even worse. Maybe it was my subconscious trying to stop me buying a French car. 2007 Peugeot 207 1.6 GTi Turbo 3dr (M) car specs and all the detailed technical information and performance. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Peugeot 207 GTI … Peugeot 207 gti Petrol turbo. This is a fully refurbished Mamba K04 this car is in good condition inside and out and drives great with only 2 former keepers from new. Join our 250,000 users ... Peugeot 207 GT 1.6 Turbo (man. Mamba Hybrid turbo K04 Peugeot in good condition, with no damage. The main ones are a leaking oil feed to the turbo, which requires replacement of the hard-line (which the car I tested suffered from), and a design flaw with the timing chain system meaning the engine can go out of time and cause all sorts of issues (this is a cluster of issues, from stretched chains and worn guides to a crappy design of the crank pulley where it isn’t on a keyway and is only held in place with the friction of a well torqued bolt). 95RON fuel was used, which is generally considered a bad idea with hybrids because they need high boost to product good power. This is the first time I have seen a cold air intake kit in place of the battery. Peugeot 207 GTi User Reviews. or Best Offer. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Hybrid; Electric; Diesel; User Fuel Consumption: Top Speed: Max Torque: Induction: Kerb weight: ... 207 GTi 2007 Car Type: 3 Door Hatch: Latest Price: $79,900 Latest OMV: $25,656 VES: Not Yet Updated ... Peugeot 3008 Turbo 1.6 Adventure $70,000: Peugeot 3008 1.2A PureTech EAT6 Allure $85,500: Peugeot 208 1.2A PureTech Active Bucket seats, parking sensors, 18″ wheels, cruise control, metal pedals, trip computer, auto dimming mirror, and dual climate control are all included standard. Product Description: Hybrid Specification. Required fields are marked *. Specs of all sub models included. 1600cc + turbo = choo-choo screaming action. ... Gripper plated limited slip differential with final drive to suit all MA gearboxes found in all models of the Peugeot 207 with a TU engine. TTE350+ begins as a brand new standard BorgWarner K03 turbocharger that we dismantle and then set about upgrading and optimizing as engineers to create our K03 frame hybrid. MPG. Item specifics Peugeot 207 GTi Stage 2 240 BHP SUPER HOT hatch's this car is amazing to drive, handling spot on and delivering loads of power from it's 1.6 turbo charged engine stage 2 … 207 Tuning modification guide "Thanks for reading my 207 tuning guide." £75.00. Increase power and make the most of that nimble chassis! It is supposed to have received a larger K04 compressor wheel and an upgraded turbine wheel. Click & Collect. Such a short wheelbase results a nice nimble, almost chuckable feel to the car. Collection in person. Peugeot is rightly proud of its sporting heritage in the small performance car market. Lots of low down punch of the quick spooling turbo makes for a lot of fun around town. They are slow to spool and power drops quickly when they are out of the mid rpm/overboost area. starting 2009 S W221 420 CDI S W221 450 CDI S W222 300 BlueTEC HYBRID S W222 350 BlueTEC S W222 63 AMG SLK R172 200 CGI BlueEF. Engine Power (bhp) 0-60 mph (secs) Miles Per Pound* What is MPP? In 2008 the 207 GTi has returned to its roots with a 1.6-litre engine, and thanks to a turbo kick, it's the fastest accelerating Peugeot GTi yet. We see this happen very often, both with hybrid and with big turbos. not that it’s a bad thing, for the most part, but it does mean we now need to rely on more power and better design to do the same job. However, this upgrade requires the use of 98+ Ron fuel only. Pre-2017 test standard. I enjoyed driving it and took it for a couple of test drives, but in the end i just couldn’t pull the trigger on it. The 207 is no different. K&N Peugeot 207 cold air intakes are easy to install and add power & acceleration while protecting the vehicle's engine. 103 sold. Peugeot 207GT 1.6THP – Stage4 Hybrid turbo + THP boost control system remodelling 207 , 98ron , boubis , flasherthp , hybrid , Peugeot , stage4 , THP Peugeot 207 1.6 THP/GT/RC/GTi (THP150/THP156/THP175) – Recommended Upgrade Stages Peugeot, 207 gti, Hatchback, 2008, Manual, 1560 (cc), 3 doors Horwich, Manchester *Will only consider swapping for a 5 door automatic * Full leather Non smoking owner Very clean and well looked after Very recent new tyres , clutch, battery and fuel injectors MOT March ‘21 … That one was a Peugeot 207 GTI. The original Peugeot hot hatch hit French roads in 1984, in the form of the 1.6-litre 205 GTi, then in 1999 the 206 GTi got a 2.0-litre power plant. The 207 GTi has the same 1.6L Turbo engine but does not produce the same BHP, it only produces 150BHP even thought the stats on here quote 175BHP. That’ll happen in 2007. All prices are exclusive of VAT . All of Peugeot’s engines are built in Douvrin in France, while the BMW units are either manufactured, or completed, at Hams Hall in England. Peugeot 207 RCup Peugeot 207 That it’s a direct-injection unit with a 10.5:1 compression ratio helps its off-boost energy, and cleaning up the pressure pulses to the turbo helps reduce lag. Although it does follow the same “big gaping fish mouth” design language of all their cars recently, its one of the least offensive on the eyes. 207 (TU) Gripper Differential & Final Drive (MA Gearbox) £1,264.00. Peugeot has a history of making damn cool little hot hatches like the 205 GTI and that’s kinda still used as the benchmark for what a hot hatch should be. The  standard exhaust makes a nice throaty sound, and will pop and crackle on overrun or when you blip the throttle at idle; I found myself blipping the throttle a lot whilst waiting at intersections just to hear the pop and crackle. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. The 207 GTi THP 2008 Peugeot 207 GTi Turbo wallpaper and 2008 Peugeot 207 GTi Turbo specs Despite their issues they are great fun to drive. Down the years it has produced some wonderful hatches, such as the 306 GTi … Close(x) The test system that gave the mpg figures shown was phased out from 2017. directly under the air filter. I know what you are thinking: Why did it make only 157hp with the stock map ? However, operating at 1.4bar across the rev range yielded very good results with excellent behaviour during testing. The interior is spacious, clean, simple and easy to live with. 2011 Peugeot 207 1.6L L4 Gas air intake . We keep getting different hybrid turbo combinations to remap. The 207 GTI is actually pretty well equipped considering its low price. This hybrid is the exception to the rule. Offering up to 300ps with correct hardware & software on 98ron, Plug & Play Upgrade with fantastic response and OEM reliability. It would probably be more at home in the 205 GTI. Upgrading both sides of the turbo usually brings more power at high rpm at the sacrifice of low rpm responsiveness and quick spooling. minus add. VAG 2.0 TSI / TFSI TTE350+ UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER. When operated at low boost levels, like on the stock map, they are not as efficient as the stock turbo. 208 GTI Hybrid Turbo (EP6) Pug1off. Please… Peugeot 207 RC 1.6T – Stage4 K04 hybrid... Peugeot 207GT 1.6THP – Stage4 Hybrid turbo + THP boost control system remodelling, Peugeot 207 1.6 THP/GT/RC/GTi (THP150/THP156/THP175) – Recommended Upgrade Stages, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce 1750 TCT – Stage2 98RON, Citroen C4 1.6THP150 – Stage4 Garrett GTX28 98RON, K04 hybrid turbo based on the stock 207 GTI/RC unit, Upgraded intercooler, Seat Ibiza Cupra unit, Cold air intake kit + upgraded boost pipes. It does the job but feels out of place in such a modern, high spec hot hatch. The GTI (but not the GT) gets a pair of large Recaro-style bucket seats trimmed in half leather, half Alcantara. The gear shift has a typical Pug feel to it, a long throw with not much feel. At Etuners we are a team of automotive enthusiasts who love tweaking everything that falls in our hands. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Nissan Skyline V36 Engine and Trans Oil Change, Project Rolla, Steering Wheel Replacement, Project Rolla, Distributor O-Ring Replacement. I’ve driven a 205 GTI in the past and honestly, didn’t think much of it (handles like a go-kart but is built so badly it’s embarrassing) but that’s another story. The most interesting part though is the engine. Back seat space was standard 3 door hatch stuff, not much room for legs or heads (plenty of space for torsos though), and the boot was an OK size; far better than Alton but nothing on the Fit. Used, Mamba Hybrid turbo K04 Peugeot 208 gti, 207. Tuning - Peugeot 207 1.6 Turbo RC/GTI Ανταλλακτικά ... W221 350 BlueTEC US Spec S W221 350 CDI BlueEF. Peugeot did OK on the design of the 207, it’s a decent car to look at. The Only Place For Smart Car Buyers. At higher boost, the hybrid turbo shows its teeth and easily makes very good power – consistently. PEUGEOT pitched its bigger and better-equipped 207 into both the light and small car segments. You just can’t build small, lightweight cars like the 205 anymore…. Vehicle make: Peugeot Model: 207 Engine Code: EP6DTS Year: 2007-2010. All Peugeot 207 GT/GTi/RC versions offered for the year 2007 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. The TTE350 Turbocharger bridges the gap for guys wanting K04 power but wanting to keep K03 response and plug & play fitting. or Best Offer. 57A-6035. If you look close enough, the engine ECU is sitting under the carbon bottom / heatshield. Weaknesses Engine noise can be a bit noisy above 5500 rpm; suspension settings are way too rock hard for local roads making daily ride comfort challenging, gearbox can be a little more refine to use, Steering feel is a little dead due to the electric assisted steering setup, resale value in Singapore. The handling is sharp, and direct with an OK feel through the steering wheel. (Please note this differential is not suitable for GTI models). Just as a side note, there is also a 207 GT, which has the same styling as the GTI externally, but only gets a 150hp version of the Prince engine, and no bucket seats but does gain a pretty cool panoramic glass roof. The most common choices are usually with John Cooper Works (Mini R56) compressor wheels installed on the stock cartridge. 5) , manufactured or sold in 2007, version for Europe special edition; not that it’s a bad thing, for the most part, but it does mean we now need to rely on more power and better design to do the same job. The one I test drove was in a lovely shade of metallic blue and with low kilometers on the clock it was in great shape. $265.99 USD. As long as you get a mechanical warranty, the are a good buy and a lot of fun.